Our Products

Casted Parts

Description : We have all kinds of high quality cast iron components like Shackles, hangers, brackets, wheel hubs, trunnion, and many other parts at competitive prices.

Differential Parts

Description : We have the widest range of differential compnents for Axle shafts, Crown wheel and pinion, bevel gear kits, ZF gearbox components, transmission gears and shafts, synchroniser rings and many more.

Engine Parts

Description : All kinds of engine parts like engine camshafts, connecting rod, cylinder heads, cylinder liner, engine valve, valve guide, valve seat, piston, piston ring, oil pumps, valve tappets, flywheel, engine bearing and bushing and many more

Propeller Shafts

Description : We have all kinds of Cardan / Propeller Shaft / Drive Axle Components components like Axle Flange, Gearbox Flange, Carrier Gear, Outside Gear and Complete Wheel Gear System, Sun gear and Planetary Gear.

Repair Kits

Description : R&G specialises in all kinds of repair kits for king pin, spring pin, gear lever boot, dynamo, alternator, brake camshafts, cabin / stabiliser, and clutch lever kit and many more.

Rubber Parts

Description : We have the widest selection of rubber components like all kinds of engine mountings, gearbox mountings, leaf spring mountings, silent bloc bushes, fann hubs, trailer rubber torque arm bushes, all kinds of oil seals, diaphgram.. and many more.

Trailer Parts

Description : R&G has one of the most extensive range of trailer parts for BPW, Meritor / ROR, SAF Holland, Fruehauf and others. We have range of equalisers / balancers / rockers, torque arms fixed and adjustable, axle nuts, rubber bushes, bogie bushes, brake camshaft kits, brake linings, brake springs, wheel bolts and nuts, and many others.

Truck Parts

Description : R&G has complete range of air compressor liners, shock absorbers, tie rod ends, drag links, wheel spanners, brake pads, wheel clamp, feed pump and all kinds of bearings.